4-layer HASL Green PCB

Layers: 1-12 layer Material: FR4,CEM-3,High TG150-170,Aluminum Board thickness: 0.3-3mm Copper: 0.5-3oz Min holes: 0.2mm for drill Min line/space: 4mil/4mil Sloder mask: Green, Red, White, Yellow, Black, Blue,Mat Green... Silkscreen: White, Yellow, Black, Red Surface finish: HAL/HAL...

Product Details

4-layer HASL green   PCB


1.ZXH Capability:

 Layers:  1-12 layer

Material: FR4,CEM-3,High TG150-170,Aluminum

Board thickness:  0.3-3mm

Copper:  0.5-3oz

Min holes: 0.2mm for drill

Min line/space: 4mil/4mil

Sloder mask: Green, Red, White, Yellow, Black, Blue,Mat Green...

Silkscreen:  White, Yellow, Black, Red

Surface finish: HAL/HAL Leedfree,ENIG,Plating gold,Chem Tin/Ag,OSP/

Outline Profile: CNC routing/V-Cut/Belveling/Punching

100% E-test:  Flying probe test, Fixing testing jig

Customed our products based on your need: material,specification,etc.


2.ZXH Brief introduction


  PCB manufacturing experience since 1999

  Manufactures 1-12 layer PCB’s.

  Most experienced in Aluminum based LED PCB production

  Focused on key strategic partnerships

  Demonstrated Technology & Quality leadership

  Offers Flexibility and Transparent communication support.

  Real Time Local Customer & Technical Support

  Process engineering and productions worker’s skills   are our core competency


3. Lead time


Samplesmass production
1 layer3-4 working days     7-8 working days
2 layers5 working days     7-10 working days
4 layers7-8 working days     10-14 working days
6 layers10 working days     14-18 working days
8 layers12 working days     14-18 working days










Items Technical datas
layers1-12 layers
Base materialsCEM-3,FR-4aluminium,CEM-1,22F,FR-1
Board Thickness0.3mm-3.20mm (12mil-126mil)
Minimum core board thickness0.1mm(4mil)
Copper thickness1/2 oz min;3 oz max.
Minimum Line Width/spacing0.1mm(4mil)
Minimum Hole Diameter0.25mm(10mil)
PTH Hole Tolerance0.9mm(35mil)
ToleranceHole site±0.075mm(3mil)
Line width±0.1mm(4mil)or line width ±20%
Hole sizePTH±0.1mm(4mil)
Exterior tolerancemilling machine±0.15MM(6mil)
punch machine ±0.10mm(4mil)
Twist and Warp 0.70%-1%
Surface finishes Nickel/Gold Plating/Entek/Hot Air Leveling
insulating resistance10KΩ-20MΩ
conduction resistance< 50Ω
Testing Voltage300V
V-cutPanel size110×100mm(min.) 660×600mm(max.)
Board thickness0.6mm(24mil)min.
Remaining thickness0.3mm(12mil)min.
slot width0.50mm(20mil)max.
Slot to slot width10mm min.
Slot to line0.50mm(20mil)min.
Slot Slot size tol.>=2W tolerancePTH L:±0.15mm(6mil)
NPTH L:±0.125mm(5mil)
Minimum Hole registration tolerancePTH Hole:0.13mm(5mil)
NPTH Hole:0.18(7mil)
Registration Tolerance of Front/Back image Minimum Pattern registration tolerance0.075mm(3mil)
multilayerInterlayer tolerance4 layers:0.15mm(6mil)max.
6 layers:0.025mm(10mil)max.
Minimum distance between hole and inner roundness 0.25mm(10mil)
Minimum distance board edge and inner roundness 0.25mm(10mil)
Board thickness tolerance4 layers:±0.13mm(5mil)
6 layers:±0.15mm(6mil)
natural impedance60 ohm±10%